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Recycling nitrile gloves



This is a program by Kimberly-Clark Professional* that collects their brand of used nitrile gloves and apparel for turning them into eco-responsible consumer goods. Why this is a good thing?

  • It is an achievable step in making your organisation more sustainable

  • Less waste ends up in landfills

  • Used nitrile gloves and apparel (from Kimberly-Clark Professional*) get a new life e.g. as flower pots, patio furniture, and plastic shelving. ​​

For more information check out their website.




This is an international initiative funded by brands, manufacturers, and retailers around the world to help you collect and recycle materials that are normally difficult to deal with.


On their website they provide a range of programs for your lab, studio or university to join, as well as free shipping labels to send them your collected waste. 


For more information check out their website.

Source: Zoë Bedford (photo).

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