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   We know that a lot of professionals find gels interesting but very hard to make. Gels offer an alternative to solvents, either by improving the intended effects of the treatment or by avoiding the waste of large quantities of solvent.


So, our team has decided to create a Gels Cookbook. It will include recipes, tips, and information about gels; how to make them, when to use them, price, materials, and difficulty of preparation.


Some recipes will be corroborated by our research team in a second phase in order to make video instructions.


  Based on Bianca Gonçalves’ master’s thesis (which focuses on the use of 4 types of gels for the cleaning of acrylics), the cookbook will be created by a research team composed of Bianca, Mariana Escamilla, and Lucile Pourret.

You can find more information about the team under 'meet the team'.

Bianca Gonçalves

Mariana Escamilla

Lucile Pourret

More information - coming soon!


   We now ask professionals to collaborate! If you work with gels, please send us your recipes (or sources for recipes) to be included in the cookbook and help us make gels more accessible to all professional conservators.

You will, of course, receive credit for your information, unless you do not want your identity to be revealed. Your personal data will also be used respectfully and will not be published elsewhere (see our data protection policy).


1. Download and fill in the gel recipe form available below (one new form for each recipe).

2. Each submission must include the correct uses of the gel, its price, materials required for its creation, and your personal observations (where we can add precautions or variations to the recipe).

3. Send it to

Would you like to know how your recipe will be presented? Check out the gel recipe example below.

Please contact us if you would like more information about this project or have any questions regarding the format for recipes in the cookbook. Thank you for your help!


   The Gels Cookbook will be available in the beginning of next year exclusively to professional conservators on our website free of charge. To find more information and receive updates on launch and access to the cookbook, please check this space or follow us on social media.

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