Are you looking for a career in the field of sustainability?

Below you will find a list of PhD proposal from all around the world.

Partnership for Knowledge - PfK

PhD fellowships

Partnership for Knowledge - PfK - is a higher education initiative of the Italian Cooperation aimed at providing life-changing opportunities to researchers, public administration officers, social entrepreneurs and young leaders who are committed to develop their professional and academic skills, strengthen their capacities, widen their networks, make a difference in their home contexts and, last but not least, experience the Italian culture.

The programme, funded in years 2019-2022 by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation in partnership with several Italian universities, offers a number of  PhD fellowships in several thematic domains, including sustainable energy, cultural heritage and tourism.

University of Maiduguri

PhD Degree in Cultural Sustainability

The Centre for the study and promotion of cultural sustainability (CSPCS) offers a PhD degree with several courses, including one with a multi-disciplinary approach to explore: concepts of “culture” and “cultural landscapes”; the varied uses of terms such as culture, heritage and ecotourism; the roles of cultural institutions within communities – as economic development generators, and as part of the tourism system in international and domestic contexts; the relationship between the natural environment and human cultural expression. 

UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage (ISH)

Sustainable Heritage MPhil/PhD

Sustainable heritage is a field that has quickly gained recognition and value in the worlds of management, hard science and industry. UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage (ISH) delivers sustainable solutions to real-world problems concerning cultural heritage, and works with external partners on ground-breaking, cross-disciplinary research and innovative teaching for future heritage leaders. 

Université de Neuchâtel in Switzerland

PhD Position in Analytical Chemistry / Conservation Science.

The Université de Neuchâtel in Switzerland is looking for a PhD candidate to study alternative green treatments for the conservation of metallic heritage. 

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