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Eleanor Evans, SAP member

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We had a great start to the academic year. We had a bigger team than ever before (with 7 members), so we decided to split into sub-groups and tackle the Green Challenges ‘All the Solvents Standing in a Row’, ‘Story of the Decay-de’ and ‘Lunchables’. We also came together as a team to complete our NUS Green Impact Assessment.

I took part in ‘All Solvents Standing in a Row’, which was being led by Eleanor Towell. This Green Challenge was adapted by Eleanor, to meet the needs of lab users in our University. I carried out research into acetone, focusing on specific properties to input into a table of information. Other team members researched other solvents. Eleanor gathered the information and ranked the solvents, creating a ‘Green to Mean’ scale poster. This Green Challenge was definitely useful for us at Cardiff University, as we were not previously aware that some of the solvents we already use in the lab are green solvents.

Along with the Zoom ‘catch-up’ meetings with SiC, which are held every few months, we were also able to attend a social media seminar on Zoom hosted by SiC. This introduced us to different ways of engaging people via social media (e.g. using hashtags, photographs and tagging others). 

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, our laboratories closed in March 2020 and we were unable to put up a poster of the ‘Green to Mean’ scale in the laboratory, nor could we continue with other projects being carried out. However, we were able to host some video-chat meetings of the Cardiff team to discuss our progress and handing over tasks to next year’s students.


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