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Introduction - what is SiC?

Updated: Feb 28, 2018

Author : Caitlin Southwick

SiC, Sustainability in Conservation, was founded in 2016 by students to try and incorporate more ecological awareness and sustainable practices into the fields of conservation and cultural heritage. Starting with just a few members on Facebook, posting tips of the week, SiC has expanded to a multi-platform social media network, with over 400 members on Facebook, active Twitter and Instagram accounts and platforms on LinkedIn. We have joined forces with AIC’s Sustainability Committee and are continuing to grow by partnering with various institutions and universities worldwide.

Why do we care about making conservation more sustainable? Because our job is to conserve! And it seems a slight oxymoron to try and conserve cultural heritage at the expense of the planet. So, what are we going to do about it? At SiC, we try to find win-win solutions, that keep up the most rigorous standards of professionalism and conservation practice, while at the same time finding ways to be more environmentally responsible. SiC provides ideas and initiatives that can be used in any lab or institution and the research team is available to answer questions and help aid in finding solutions to your sustainability questions.

But most of all we want to hear from you! SiC provides an interactive network so that you can share your ideas on how to be sustainable, what measures, products, materials or programs you use to encourage ecologically friendly practices, and where you see the most need for improvements. So join us as we journey into a more sustainable future.

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Sustainability in Conservation is an online network providing resources and information about environmentally responsible practices  in art conservation and related fields. Within a practice that produces so much waste, we hope to inspire collaboration and awareness to make cultural heritage a more sustainable profession. 

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