‘Use of Plastic in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage’, poster at the Plastics Heritage Conference 2019, available in

‘Sustainability in Conservation: A Sustainable Future for Conservation’, in Norske Konserves 2019-20

'It All Started With the Disposable Nitrile Gloves', Coalition of Museums for Climate Justice, January, 2019

Kore newsletter Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft, Students for Sustainability in Conservation, August, 2016

‘Ten simple actions conservators can take in support of the Fridays For Future movement’, Museums For Future, 2020

‘Sustainability in Conservation: Saving Our Heritage and Our Planet’, News in Conservation, Volume 72, IIC, 2019

Sustainability Committee Interview with Caitlin Southwick, Founder and Executive Director of Ki Culture and Sustainability in Conservation’ by Annabelle Camp,, 2020

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Sustainability in Conservation is an online network providing resources and information about environmentally responsible practices  in art conservation and related fields. Within a practice that produces so much waste, we hope to inspire collaboration and awareness to make cultural heritage a more sustainable profession. 

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