This Self-Assessment form has been designed to give you a snapshot of the water consumed or contaminated in your workplace. The form will help you to quantify your team’s progress throughout the Student Ambassador Program (SAP) journey; you will be asked to fill it out twice, at the beginning and at the end of your SAP project.

    The form will not take you more than 30 min, depending on how many rooms (laboratory, studios, workshops, etc.) you are focusing on and how well you know them. Do not hesitate to ask your colleagues to fill out this form with you: it is always useful to get more than one perspective.

     For each question, choose the option that is closest to your own situation. Choose only one answer. Add any details in the space below each question to comment on, or justify your answer (if needed).



36 to 30 points: Congratulations, everything seems perfect! Keep going!


29 to 24 points: Some improvements are necessary to further minimize impact of water use and/or contamination in your workplaces.


23 to 12 points: You need to implement sustainable practices within your workplace. A great amount of water is used and/or contaminated.


Less than 12: There is a high risk that a large amount of water is used and/or contaminated within your workplace. It is urgent that you implement sustainable practices.



    At the end your total score and a password will be displayed, so you can access the handbook and start with the challenges. Please save it and share it with your team. Please save your answers (all are displayed in the end). You can find a PDF of this assessment in the SAP login area, so that you can choose the best challenges to improve the situation at your university.