AIC Wiki - Tips Sheet for Emerging Conservation Professionals

As a rising conservator, there are a number of simple things you can do to make a difference in your program or institution. Learning to use your materials in a sustainable, creative manner is an important skill for all material specialties and in every work environment. This document offers suggestions for good working habits to keep in mind as you develop as conservators and future leaders in the field.


The goal of the Green Labs initiative is to reduce wastefulness of energy and resources in MIT labs and to promote innovative ways to manage resources in the most efficient way.

Harvard - Green Labs program

The Green Labs Program works with researchers, staff, faculty, and building managers to implement sustainable practices and technologies in lab buildings.

Green Lab

My Green Lab is fundamentally and permanently improving the sustainability of scientific research.  A California non-profit, they were formed to unify and lead scientists, vendors, designers, energy providers, and others in a common drive toward a world in which all research reflects the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility. 

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Sustainability in Conservation is an online network providing resources and information about environmentally responsible practices  in art conservation and related fields. Within a practice that produces so much waste, we hope to inspire collaboration and awareness to make cultural heritage a more sustainable profession. 

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