Sharing best practice allows for other conservators, restorers, and museum professionals to read and learn about your success stories, giving them more tools and ideas to affect positive change in their own practice.

The guides in this toolkit are designed around a best-practice approach for sustainability for conservators and professionals in museums, universities, private practice, and site management. Modeled after the existing Sustainable Tourism Toolkit created by UNESCO, the resources in the following guides offer process, advice, and direction, as well as access to a support system of like-minded individuals for you to communicate and connect with as you move toward a more sustainable practice.

The guides will help you identify the best solutions for your situation, addressing all relevant stakeholders and assist in the growth and
development of understanding and know-how associated with sustainable practice and development. Conservation and heritage professionals play a vital role in every aspect of sustainable development and are instrumental in helping us collectively achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) included in Envision2030.


On the 14th of May, Sarah Braun and Caitlin Southwick held a successful Sustainability Toolkit workshop at  the American Institute for Conservation AIC's 47th annual meeting! Our founder, Caitlin Southwick, called it “the beginning of an incredible journey - a network, a community, and a movement.” This is where it all happens!

The guides and case studies are available here on the pages linked below accessible for our members. Join here to gain access, its free!

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Understanding sustainable practice in your organization; identifying areas for improvement


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Developing a strategy for progressive change and effective governance or policy for your


City Crowds

Engaging local communities, businesses, and/or other relevant parties


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Sustainability in Conservation is an online network providing resources and information about environmentally responsible practices  in art conservation and related fields. Within a practice that produces so much waste, we hope to inspire collaboration and awareness to make cultural heritage a more sustainabile profession. 

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