SiC Webinars

UPDATE: REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED! Thank you so much for you interest and keep an eye out for the recordings!

SiC is thrilled to announce a series of webinars for conservators! Led by our founder Caitlin Southwick, these webinars are intended to help conservators get a better understanding of sustainable practices within the field. They will cover a range of topics:

Webinar 1: How to make your studio more sustainable

The first webinar will focus on actions you can take to run your conservation studio in the most

sustainable way possible. This includes energy and water saving methods, recycling options and

schemes, tips and tricks to ensure that where possible, materials are re-used, the importance of proper tool washing and how to enact these changes if you are part of a bigger institution. This seminar will be applicable to museum and gallery employees, private and freelance conservators and students and emerging professionals.


Webinar 2: How to make your treatments more sustainable

The second webinar will introduce participants to greener alternatives to some common treatments in conservation. Green solvents, emulsions, bio and CO2 cleaning, funori will be some of the methods discussed. 


Webinar 3: Collections care and preventive conservation

The third webinar will cover changes within collections care and preventive conservation that can make your practice more sustainable. Topics covered will include climate control and lighting, packing and storage and transportation amongst others. It will also introduce participants to some new and innovative research that has become available in recent years.


The webinars will be run on these dates:


Webinar 1 - May 6th 2020

Webinar 2 - May 20th 2020

Webinar 3 - June 3rd 2020


All webinars will take place at 5pm CET (4pm London; 8am Los Angeles; 11am New York; 11pm Beijing; 8:30pm New Delhi) and will be approximately 1 hour long.


Note that if you are not able to attend, these webinars will be made available as recordings at a later date.


In order to attend, please send an email to indicating which webinars you would like to attend. Following registration, you will be sent a welcome email with all the necessary information.


Our webinars will be held via Zoom. If you have not used the platform before, please allow some extra time prior to the webinar in order to create a free account.


If you have any questions, please send us an email or get in touch via any of our social media accounts!